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Beacon: The Digital Revolution

In recent times we are witnessing a real revolution in the digital world: the BEACON.

Wrebby is already using this devices. In fact, the platform allows both attendees and exhibitors to keep track of visits by integrating a small electronic device and using their smartphones and tablets together with a mobile app. But let’s review in 3 simple steps how these devices are used:

  1. Members of the exhibiting company will have a customized and configured Beacon (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy device) available;
  2. The mobile application will notify visitors (via Bluetooth) of the presence of a new stand nearby and the ability to view all company information collected in a presentation;
  3. The marketing department will have access to analytics on visits and on the interest of company products, in order to carry out targeted marketing campaigns.

The advantage?! Simple: campaigns and promotions can be targeted specifically based on the habits of the user to whom they are addressed, allowing you to reduce costs and increase their effectiveness. Through the precise localization of objects and people even in small radius areas, the beacons create a targeted engagement in the right context, at the right time, to the interested public.

For further information: What are Beacons


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